Annoying Trends in Modern Web Design

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John Morris

Good point. It is indeed a manner of opinion.

Personally, I have a short attention span when it comes to browsing the net. If a site doesn’t get straight to the main content within a few seconds, I am inclined to leave.


Paypal website .. Super annoying.
Livestream website .. Super annoying.

I get so pissed when I visit such sites. How do they even begin to think these “designs” are good? Yeah I get it, people are using phones, tablets etc. but surely a monkey can code a website to look for a particular platform and redirect.

Sigh. Hopefully this bucket of awful never catches on. If so, I’m leaving the internet 🙂

John Morris

“Bucket of awful” – Perfect description!

Fortunately, I believe this is a fad. It’s nearly impossible to be a web designer today without being beaten until you kneel at the alter of “responsive,” “minimalist,” and “mobile-first” design. I think (or perhaps hope), once this reaches critical mass, and everyone is doing it, a new fad will come along and we’ll be swept into a new “bucket of awful.”

It’s a shame because I like the principle of responsive and minimalist design. It used to drive me nuts when nobody’s website worked on my smartphone. The adoption of this design has done wonders for mobile web browsing. But now it’s being taken too far and giving us these glorified mobile websites for every situation and bringing back terrible ideas that had finally died.


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